LIFE UPDATE…*a lot has happened*

I know it’s been quite awhile since the last time I wrote here but dang life has been crazy! A few very major things have happened in my life recently, and although they’re exciting, I’m kinda freaking out !!! So here’s a short synopsis of the past several months in my life:

1. I graduated high school !!!

A new stage of life, how fun !!!! Don’t get me wrong though, I enjoyed high school a lot and I’m definitely going to miss spending 5 days of the week with my friends and teachers. I attended the same small private school for my entire life, which made saying goodbye a lot harder. Most of my 38 classmates I’ve known for many, many years and although I’ve known some for only a few years, they all are like family.

2. I have decided to take a gap year and earn my TESOL certification

I know that going to school and earning a degree is important, but taking some time off to make money, travel, get a new perspective on life, or whatever you need to do to pursue your life calling – that is okay too (and I hope other high school or college grads understand that too). I have decided that it is best for me to take a year off of school to work, get my TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification, and get ready for the next life-changing stage of my life.

3.  I have decided to attend university in MADRID !! (and my family is going with me :D)

Around 2015, I decided that I wanted to study at a university somewhere abroad, and most likely in Europe. While on a trip with my dad to Germany, we visited a few universities that actually offered FREE tuition to foreigners !! I was super stoked to check them out and actually liked one of the universities a lot. However, the more I thought about that particular city and the criteria to be a student there, it didn’t seem like a great fit for me.

As I processed many opportunities and locations, I thought about my love for the Spanish language and European cultures, which led me to look further into universities in Spain! Eventually, I landed on St. Louis University.

St. Louis University’s Madrid Campus (SLU-Madrid) is an American-accredited school. The classes are taught in English, it’s located in Madrid, and students come in from around 60 other countries to study there !!! Honestly, the thing that really sold me on this particular place is their love and opportunities for traveling around Europe and building community between many cultures. After sending in my application, I got an acceptance email and letter, which immediately brought me to tears. After reading lots of articles written by SLU-Madrid alumni and current students about the campus and community, I was confident in my answer and decision to move to Spain.

THE REALLY COOL PART is that my parents were offered missionary positions in Europe !! With the position they were offered, they have the opportunity to also move to Madrid and work with many of our missionary friends located in other European countries !!! OBVIOUSLY this was a huge decision to make, but also a dream come true for our family.

As a whole, our family is pretty adventurous and struggles to say no to the Lord. That being said, when my family noticed the many, many details that God aligned for us to move to Spain together, we knew it was all in His hands.

I’m SO excited for the new journey but also so stinkin nervous to leave everyone and everything behind.

Since my younger sisters are originally from Costa Rica, my family knows a fair amount of Spanish. However, the dialect is different in Spain and we haven’t practiced our Spanish a whole lot in the past 4 years since they’ve been here.

Adjusting to a new culture and somewhat of a new language is going to be a rollercoaster, but I’m pretty excited and ready for it !!

4. Future blog posts

Since I’m only working 3 days a week right now, I am planning on creating blog posts on Wednesdays. I know that there will definitely be weeks I miss, so sorry in advance bout that. But I will try my best !!!

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