“It’s a good day to have a good day… if you want a good day” is probably my favorite quote !! Before I graduated high school about 4 months ago, this was a daily reminder for me. I loved my senior year, but obviously I still struggled some days.

Whenever I was struck with a wave of senioritis, this is something I had to remind myself of. Even though I was sometimes “over” school and the people around me, I knew I was the one to choose how the overall attitude of my day would go. It didn’t matter if I was assigned multiple papers and a project to finish in three weeks for ONE class, I still had the opportunity to choose to have a good day. Nobody else can determined that for me.

Even in my life now, I find myself being negative or stressed because I have to work all day or drive my sisters and their friends around or I run out of time to workout. But all it takes is a little motivational music and a reminder that my entire attitude could be changed if I just decided to see things a little differently.

I think it’s easy to examine the cards we’ve been dealt and blame our unhappiness on that. But like I said, we have to CHOOSE our attitude.

This doesn’t mean that life isn’t gonna suck and that we have to be fake all the time, acting like everything’s okay. It’s understanding that sometimes life isn’t okay, but in the middle of your sucky day, remember that you also have a million things you can be thankful for !!! And if you can’t think of one single thing to be thankful for, you can always count on the fact that God is always and forever there for you, in the good and bad, which is DEFINITELY something to be thankful for !!

I challenge you (and myself), to remember that your day CAN be a good day. If you start to be negative or complain too much, remember that you’re the ONLY one that can change that. Remember, “it’s a good day to have a good day… if you want a good day !!” 💛💛